Physical Therapy Treatments:

Specializing in sports injuries and Sacro/iliac pain/dysfunction

Muscle energy
Myofascial release
Joint mobilization
Theraputic exercises for specific injuries
Functional activities that are sport specific
Theraputic modalities

My focus is to return my patients to their activities of choice while educating them on how they can perform at their highest level. I will spend quality time with you and not move on to the next patient until you are comfortable.


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"I have been struggling with back/leg problems specifically related to cycling for a few years now and it was not without the help of Ann that I have finally found a comfortable position on my bike. Ann has been awesome and essential in helping me understand the roots of my issues through her expertise in cycling anatomy, guiding me with nothing but positive, helpful advice and techniques for improvement. After consulting with Ann about the physical aspects of cycling that have been holding me back, I am stronger and more prepared than ever to continue my cycling conquests. Thanks!" -- Rebecca Much - WebCor